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When you allow yourself to get lost in music you can step in many emotional directions. Everyone is different and whichever direction you travel the journey is magnificent.

We are the masters of taking people on a journey using the universal language of music.   We will take a very ordinary event and turn it into one of the most memorable moments.

At our core we are a little crazy, a little wild and a little bit famous.  We are led by Irish rockstar, Ciaran Gribbin, who is a Grammy nominated songwriter and the most recent lead singer to tour the world with Australia's iconic band, INXS.

We are real rockstars, we love having real fun and we are real passionate about what we do.  We are without doubt the best thing that could happen to your next corporate event!

"Two of the key themes for our conference were creativity and teamwork. Ciaran’s workshop and band reinforced these themes brilliantly, and did it with a serious wow factor.  The music session at the end of the day was great.  It was fun, interactive and got everyone pumped - left you feeling like the day was a massive success.”

Andrew Baxter, CEO - Publicis