Rock and Roll Team Building’s DNA is in the music and corporate events industry.


Through the universal language of music, we provide a creative and fun environment to engage, inspire, connect and develop people. Established in 2016, Rock and Roll Team Building is a truly unique and complimentary partnership - a real rockstar and a corporate events guru.

Ciaran Gribbin is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer who, in addition to working with word class artists such as Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney, Snow Patrol and Al Pacino, has toured the world as the singer of INXS.

Nicole White has 30 years’ experience in the corporate events industry who has worked her way through every level of event management to eventually become the Australian General Manager of Events for a global incentive agency.

Rock and Roll Team Building operate in Australia, New Zealand and the United States however, we have the ability to deliver programs anywhere around the globe!