Unique songs written especially for your event

Corporate songwriting

Music is the universal language and has the ability to change the atmosphere in a room immediately. When used wisely music can make an unforgettable ‘moment’ memorable. With a Grammy nominated songwriter at the helm of the Rock and Roll Team Building business, and a vast network of awarded songwriters at our fingertips, we write, record and produce impactful songs for corporate events.

We take the time to understand your brand, your event objective and your audience then deliver to you a unique world-class piece of music.

Here’s an example of where you could use a custom song at your event:

Product Launches
Convey all the product features and benefits in an impactful way.

Incentive Reward Programs
Get people inspired about the rewards they could achieve! Use music to add ‘wow’ to your incentive program platform or digital content produced to promote the program.

Gala Award Evenings
Create a series of stings to give winners something to sing about as they receive their award.

An upbeat catchy song about your conference theme creates impressive walk in/out music for sessions or for speaker walk on/off music. Why not lay the track over your conference highlight video post event?

Employee Reward & Recognition Events
Creating events to celebrate achievements of your employees, why not have a song written about the goals achieved to add a bit of sizzle to celebratory events?