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Create the ‘best ever’ experience at your corporate event.


Through the universal language of music, we provide a creative and fun environment to engage, inspire, connect and develop people.

Founded by Grammy nominated songwriter and former INXS singer, Ciaran Gribbin, we design and deliver memorable music experiences and unique team building programs for corporate events with real rockstars at the helm.

Rock and Roll Team Building are a partner for corporate event planners seeking solutions to drive audience engagement, convey key business content in an engaging manner or entertain a crowd with live music.

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Brands who’ve rocked with us!

The Real Deal.


They’ve toured with some of the biggest names in music, received Grammy and ARIA nominations, written songs for the likes of Madonna, Al Pacino, INXS, Cold Chisel . . . . and many more!

Rock and Roll Team Building’s founder Ciaran Gribbin is the last lead singer to tour with Australia’s iconic rock band, INXS, and co-wrote Madonna’s hit ‘Celebration’ which went number 1 in 14 countries around the world. He also wrote ‘Hey Baby Doll’, sung by Al Pacino in the movie ‘Danny Collins’ and the soundtrack for the U2 inspired movie, ‘Killing Bono’.

We bring world-class concert quality live music performance into a corporate event environment.


Team Building like you’ve never seen.


Our purpose is to keep your audience on their feet, laughing, singing and having the time of their lives from the minute we walk on stage. Our rock stars are masters at their craft and know how to read and keep an audience engaged, no matter what size.

Rock and Roll Team Building provide you with a very cool platform to communicate key business messaging in an interactive fun manner. Using the universal language of music we’ll have your audience energised, excited, stepping out of their comfort zone and making powerful connections.


Custom Songwriting for Corporate Events.


Everyone on the planet loves music. Music can change the mood in a room within a second. With a Grammy nominated songwriter at our helm, and world class recording studios at our fingertips, Rock and Roll Team Building can create a unique professionally produced song especially for your event.


Combining music with culture.


In the beautiful islands of Hawaii and idyllic continent of Australia we’ve taken inspiration from the indigenous culture to develop two very special and unique music programs. Maintaining the Rock and Roll Team Building ethos of fun and interactivity these programs give event planners an opportunity to deliver a destination cultural experience in a cool and respectful way.


Create a collective experience.


Remember your first live concert? Ask anyone and they’ll recall who the artist was, where it was and how old they were. A live music performance by a quality artist simply cannot be beaten and we’ve got ‘quality’ and ‘artist’ oozing out of our veins.

Talk to us about booking any of our Rockstars to entertain your crowd and, we suggest, you should take a look at our new Rock n’ Roll Karaoke product - it’s super fun!


We deliver ‘the best ever’.


You’ll never be singing the Rolling Stones song ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ after you partner with Rock and Roll Team Building. We are very proud of the fact that we have delivered a ten out of ten experience for every single customer since we were conceived in 2016. We stand for the principals of quality, value and fun which is why we are the most satisfying experience anyone will have at a corporate event on the planet.