Celebrate Christmas with Ciaran Gribbin


If you're scratching your head trying to come up with that bright idea to create a legendary Christmas Event - then contact Rock and Roll Team Building as we have the answer!

Use Ciaran Gribbin to kick-start your Christmas lunch, set your Cocktail Party on fire or liven up a seemingly dull Dinner event (an interactive experience + a live band for dancing!).

Our seriously fun Rock and Roll modules will keep your guests engaged and laughing from minute one!  They’ll learn to sing in harmony, dance the Irish jig, write a song with a Grammy nominated artist, battle it out in a thrilling air guitar competition, get dressed up and perform like rock gods and experience the coolest moment of all, being part of a human drum kit.   Watch our video to see what it's all about!
Rock and Roll Team Building can be performed for any audience size, anywhere and anytime.   Our modules have the ability to be customised to suit your guest demographic and business objectives.
With the silly season fast approaching now is the time to lock in Rock and Roll Team Building to give your Christmas event legendary status in 2015!