Ciaran Gribbin | Five Artists that Influenced Me

He’s the founder of Rock and Roll Team Building and a real rockstar! Take a moment to learn who the top five artists are that influenced Ciaran Gribbin in his music career.

VAN MORRISON. Van the Man is a home grown Belfast boy so I was really amazed that someone who came from my neck of the woods had such an amazing international career. When I formed my first band I always thought to myself if he could do it then I could do it. He is truly a great songwriter of the highest quality. His performance on the music doc ‘The Last Waltz’ is the stuff of legend and I have watched it many times.

NIRVANA. When this band came along I had just started my first band. They blew everything else away that I was listening too. I loved grunge, the almost punk anarchy of it all. Amazing songs that had so much power. Not many bands have had the impact on the music scene that Nirvana has had.

THIN LIZZY. Dublin born Phil Lynott was the first true International rockstar from Ireland. He had the looks and the voice, the sex appeal and more importantly ‘Lizzy’ had amazing music. Guitar harmonies with amazing killer melodic rock songs. The Album ‘Live & Dangerous’ is one of may favourite albums of all time.

METALLICA. I still love Metallica now as much as I did when I first heard the' Kill em all’ album at 11 years of age. This band was the reason why I bought my first electric guitar. I started learning the riffs to all their classic songs. Amazing live band and ground breaking in their style of metal. James Hetfeild is an underrated singer and guitar hero.

OAKENFOLD. I was always into rock music as a young musician but hearing Oakenfold’s dance remix of U2’s ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ was a defining moment in helping me appreciate dance music. From that first remix I started getting into the club scene and acts like Orbital, Chemical Brothers and Prodigy. It was amazing to co-write with Oakenfold when we wrote the Madonna song ‘Celebration’.