Rock n' Roll Karaoke has arrived!


We're extremely excited to announce the arrival of 'Rock n' Roll Karaoke', delivered by the awesome musicians from Rock and Roll Team Building!  

Create a fun, interactive environment at your next corporate celebration with Rock n’ Roll Karaoke.  An experience where the band hands over the mic to make the audience the ‘rock stars’!

Perfect for Christmas Parties, Cocktail Celebrations, Conference Dinner Entertainment or Incentive activities.

Music is the universal language and a quality live band performance absolutely cannot be beaten.  Everyone has a favourite song and we’ve got hundreds in our kit to ensure even the most discerning music lover is satisfied.

Select your song, select your rock-star wardrobe then jump up on stage and feel the sense of freedom every lead singer experiences when they’re in front of a live band.  Interested?  Request a quote HERE!