Interview with a Rockstar | Stefano Langone


Stefano Langone is the newest rockstar to join the Rock and Roll Team Building family in the United States and he’s the focus of this month’s ‘Interview with a Rockstar’.

What was your most memorable ‘rockstar’ moment?

Singing “Oooh Baby Baby” at Carnegie Hall. The performance was along side all time greats like Anita Baker and some of my hero’s BoyZ II Men.

Why do you think music is such a powerful driver of emotion?

It’s the Earths universal language and and it’s the way of communicating with pure emotion. There are different tones that will literally play any emotion you could ever have.

What have you been able to translate from the music industry into being successful in business?

You can’t have expectations. You have to work hard, stay diligent and be prepared to shine when its your time to hit the stage. But, the way you will be received is not up to you. You have to give, and HOPE what you give is what is needed. You can’t EXPECT anything. I think that’s very important in business. You’re only as good as what the demand is for what you have. Getting to that place, people needing/wanting/knowing what you have, doesn’t come easily. And not having expectations, getting to high on yourself, or low, but staying balanced and in control of those expectations will make it much easier on yourself.

A band has multiple members and, as in the corporate world, it’s important to work as a team. What do you believe is the ingredient for having a successful team?

Communication, and humility. Knowing how to communicate is key in any environment, especially with teams and in relationships. Having a team means having a core, and that core has to be strong to succeed in a competitive climate. If you can’t communicate what you want, where you're headed, and what goals are on the forefront the core will have cracks. Not good. Humility is important because were all human. We make mistakes and aren’t perfect. Acknowledging those mistakes and what we could do better is so important. That’s growth. That’s humility. That’s why there’s a team. You can’t do it all alone. And once you understand that, you will understand why it’s so important to learn from each other, the good, and the BAD.

You are no doubt very passionate about music and having passion for your work is one contributing factor to being successful. What other ingredients do you believe are key to being successful in your chosen career?

Balance. If you can’t balance your home or outside life with your work, you won’t be a happy person. That means still making time for family and friends, still enjoying your community and being in the lives of the ones who mean the most.