42,475 Miles and 5,900 People in Four Weeks!


What an incredible four weeks we have had at Rock and Roll Team Building!! We have just paused for a ‘moment’ to take stock in the midst of a crazy time and we’ve determined that, by July 13, we will have flown 42,475 Miles and entertained 5,900 corporate peeps!

We have delivered gigs in; Uluru, Australia / Bali, Indonesia (on the same weekend!), Kansas City, USA / Los Angeles, USA / Brisbane, Australia / San Francisco, USA and on July 13 we will be in Las Vegas, USA! Our audiences have created songs, dressed as rockstars, danced, sang in choirs, sang karaoke and best of all laughed (alot) - all thanks to the universal language of music.

We are grateful for our amazing #eventprof clients and incredibly loyal, talented and professional #rockstars from Sydney, Australia to San Francisco, USA.

Many more gigs to come in far flung places in the second half of this year - an incredible experience watching Rock and Roll Team Building grow from strength to strength. Amazing to watch people become inspired by music and blessed to do something we truly love. Never be afraid of hard work. Onwards!