Interview with a Rockstar | Wes Carr


'Interview with a Rockstar' is an initiative by Rock and Roll Team Building to deliver an insight into our team, and the people we admire in the music industry.  Our next interview is with one of our Australian workshop leaders - singer songwriter, Mr Wes Carr!

What was your most memorable ‘rockstar’ moment?

What happens on tour stays on tour - HA!  I’ve played some amazing shows over the last 10 or so years.  But, I think my ultimate highlight so far was writing the song “Lost” for Cold Chisel and having them release it as a single in 2015.  Being a boy from Elizabeth in Adelaide, the same town where Jimmy Barnes grew up, it was perfect for me that he sang that song.  I originally started off writing that song about my own experience growing up in Elizabeth.  It was just a shell of a song when I took it to Don Walker.  He finished the song and added his genius and you can hear it on Cold Chisel's album, “No Plans”.

Why do you think music is such a powerful driver of emotion?

Music is the universal language. It breaks down all boundaries.  I’m a big believer that music will save the world one day.  If evil alien lifeforms were to invade we would all have a commonality no matter what race and opinion. Our opinions would become very small and obsolete and that’s what I believe music does already, you can have opposing political sides, but still be into the same music.  Music governs a higher emotion in all of us, in my opinion, it’s one of the biggest healers.

What have you been able to translate from the music industry into being successful in business? 

I think in my own experience in the music industry, you have to be kind, open, firm and really know yourself.  Learn to say no when necessary.

When it’s not right, don’t try and make it fit, learn to let go, and move on. You are not here for other people's agenda. The reason I started music was because I wanted to stay in my own lane, and create. Turning that into a business model can be tricky but it can be done, it just takes time and a very strong belief and discipline.

A band has multiple members and, as in the corporate world, it’s important to work as a team. What do you believe is the ingredient for having a successful team?

Communication. Music is all about communication.  Without it, the overall team falls quickly. There is usually a leader or a ‘frontman’ but without all the ingredients you can’t make it bake!

You are no doubt very passionate about music and having passion for your work is one contributing factor to being successful. What other ingredients do you believe are key to being successful in your chosen career?

Belief.  You really have to believe in all that you do. Creating music is sometimes a lonely process. There isn’t anyone in the world that can do it for you. You have to create the life you want to live. I’m really passionate about any creative outlet and I think it's essential more than ever these days that people stay creative.  Discipline and determination comes after belief.   And finally, to last the distance, you need to have a strong driving force within you.