Ciaran Gribbin

Kick-ass Keynote Speaker


If you're looking for an inspiring and engaging speaker for your next corporate event then look no further than Ciaran Gribbin!

From the war-torn streets of Northern Ireland to reaching the pinnacle of pop music as the lead singer of INXS, Australian-based Ciaran Gribbin is now finding favour as a keynote conference speaker with an inspirational story to tell.

His journey from a young boy growing up in a bitterly divided society in Northern Ireland, to falling in love with a girl from the wrong side of the conflict, and then following his dream to make it in the cut-throat music world is a captivating story and one that is now capturing the attention of corporate meeting planners.

With thousands of local pub gigs under his belt but very little to show for it, Ciaran was about to give it all away when a chance meeting led to him writing a Grammy-nominated song for Madonna. Shortly after, a brush with INXS’s Andrew Farriss turned his career around and a tour fronting INXS followed. The year 2015 ended with an Oscar shortlist nomination for the song Hey Baby Doll which was sung by Al Pacino in the critically-acclaimed movie Danny Collins.

Ciaran’s is a unique story about how patience, self-belief, persistence and determination made his musical dreams a reality. His keynote is sprinkled with acoustic songs - including some of INXS’s greatest hits - which makes his presentation even more memorable and intimate.

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Rock and Roll Team Building Expands to New Zealand!

Rock and Roll Team Building Expands to New Zealand!

Rock and Roll Team Building are thrilled to announce its expansion into the New Zealand Market. Launching at the Auckland Convention Bureau hosted buyers dinner on Wednesday 15 June as part of the CINZ Meetings Tradeshow, Rock and Roll Team Building entertained 200+ hosted buyers at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

"All You Need is Love" - Ciaran Performing in January and February 2016!

Ciaran is excited to announce that, after the success of the 2015 shows in Sydney, he is again performing alongside Jack Jones, Darren Percival and Jackson Thomas in a spectacular live concert event, "All You Need Is Love", celebrating the songs that captivated a generation!  This time the shows will be performed in Adelaide and Melbourne as well as Sydney.

Shows will take place on 2 and 3 January in Sydney at the Sydney Opera House, 30 January in Melbourne at the Arts Centre and 6 February in Adelaide at Festival Theatre.

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Celebrate Christmas with Ciaran Gribbin


If you're scratching your head trying to come up with that bright idea to create a legendary Christmas Event - then contact Rock and Roll Team Building as we have the answer!

Use Ciaran Gribbin to kick-start your Christmas lunch, set your Cocktail Party on fire or liven up a seemingly dull Dinner event (an interactive experience + a live band for dancing!).

Our seriously fun Rock and Roll modules will keep your guests engaged and laughing from minute one!  They’ll learn to sing in harmony, dance the Irish jig, write a song with a Grammy nominated artist, battle it out in a thrilling air guitar competition, get dressed up and perform like rock gods and experience the coolest moment of all, being part of a human drum kit.   Watch our video to see what it's all about!
Rock and Roll Team Building can be performed for any audience size, anywhere and anytime.   Our modules have the ability to be customised to suit your guest demographic and business objectives.
With the silly season fast approaching now is the time to lock in Rock and Roll Team Building to give your Christmas event legendary status in 2015!