Team Building

The workshop hit the mark, great feedback from our team, people were still talking about it and singing our song days afterwards, can’t wait to work with you guys again. Thank you!
— Diageo
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Our team building programs are fast paced, run for a period of 90 minutes to 2 hours and are the most fun anyone can have at a corporate event. Rock and Roll Team Building is a perfect solution to kick-off or close a conference, lift up a small meeting or knock the socks of a crowd at any type of evening celebration. We also sit comfortably on an incentive travel reward program's turn-table to spin what could be an otherwise dull activity into a money can’t buy experience.

Suitable for day or evening events - here’s a little taste of what we include.


Live Performance

Bringing concert quality performance into a corporate event environment.

Our rockstars have toured with some of the world's biggest names in music, from small intimate venues to stadiums filled with tens of thousands of people. We would remiss not to include a few moments of live performance and every Rock and Roll Team Building event kicks off with a song or two to fire up the audience!


Never give up on your dreams.

Our rock stars have all never given up on a dream of wanting a career in the music industry. All have tales of struggles along the way where they have learned that talent alone is not enough to succeed in such a tough industry.

Our events include inspirational stories from our stars about their personal struggles and successes. They are all living proof that you can succeed at anything you want, all it takes is a whole lot of drive and a never say die attitude.



Fun and laughter getting people out of their comfort zone.

Everyone always dreams of being a rockstar! Rock and Roll Team Building take fun very seriously and our 'volunteer' performances create some of the most hilarious and memorable moments of our events.

We take some unsuspecting 'volunteers' back stage and transform them to appear as well-known artists such as; Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Lynard Skynard, Angus Young and Axel Rose.

Singing live with an all-star band these volunteers often discover singing talents they never knew they had!


Singing causes a sense of freedom.

Science demonstrates that singing makes you feel amazing, evoking emotions such as pleasure, happiness and freedom. Singing in a group is a great way to channel emotional energy into creating something truly beautiful.

We start every event with a choir session where our rock stars teach the audience to sing in three-part harmony. Utilising uplifting songs such as the U2 hit, 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for', audience members are encouraged to let go and feel the music, work together, get lost in the 'moment' and focus their minds on the present.



Communicate key business content in a highly engaging format.

A challenge for many corporate event organisers is communicating important business messaging or wrapping up content at the end of an event. Utilising the wonderful craft of songwriting Rock and Roll Team Building provide a platform to bring focus to your content.

We present a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with award winning songwriters. Audience members will learn about the wonderful and organic way a song is crafted from start to finish. Using only words suggested by the audience our rockstars will construct a unique and original song with the theme of the event, or a specific business objective, as the focus.