Terry McDermott

Terry McDermott is a Scottish singer, songwriter, and television personality. He performs internationally as a solo artist, and as the lead singer of his current band, Lotus Crush. Although he gained initial acclaim in the music business in 2006 with his band Driveblind on Geffen records, he shot to widespread popularity as a contestant on Team Blake of Season 3 on NBC’s ‘The Voice’.

On The Voice, Terry finished second overall that season, making the iTunes Rock Chart Top 10 a number of times, he sang before a television audience of nearly 15 million people on the season finale.  Following the show McDermott hit the iTunes rock chart Top 20 three times including the No.1 single ‘Pictures’ which he later returned to perform on The Voice as a guest of the show.

His time on The Voice earned him a loyal and active fan base that closely follows his career. In addition to singing on the show, McDermott was honoured to once again be asked back by NBC, this time as a digital host for Season 5.  Later that year, the well-travelled vocalist sang to a live TV audience in Ho Chi Minh City performing as a special guest on The Voice Vietnam.

McDermott is a proud resident of his adopted hometown of New Orleans. A native of Aberdeen in Scotland, McDermott performs solo and as the frontman of Lotus Crush, a Seattle based rock group founded in partnership with Peter Klett formerly of Candlebox. Lotus Crush is signed to Cavigold Records. McDermott has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe as part of Lotus Crush and continues to perform solo around the globe.