Two of the key themes for our conference were creativity
and teamwork. Rock and Roll Team Building’s workshop reinforced these themes brilliantly, and did it with a serious wow factor.
— Andrew Baxter, CEO Publicis Mojo

Led by Real Rockstars

Team Building Programs

Our purpose is to keep your audience on their feet, laughing, singing and having the time of their lives from the minute we walk on stage. Our rock stars are masters at their craft and know how to read and keep an audience engaged, no matter what size.

Rock and Roll Team Building provide you with a very cool platform to communicate key business messaging in an interactive fun manner. Using the universal language of music we’ll have your audience energised, excited, stepping out of their comfort zone and making powerful connections.


Unique songs written especially for your event

Corporate songwriting

Music is the universal language and has the ability to change the atmosphere in a room immediately. When used wisely music can make an unforgettable ‘moment’ memorable. With a Grammy nominated songwriter at the helm of the Rock and Roll Team Building business, and a vast network of awarded songwriters at our fingertips, we write, record and produce impactful songs for corporate events.

We take the time to understand your brand, your event objective and your audience then deliver to you a unique world-class piece of music.

Here’s an example of where you could use a custom song at your event:

Product Launches
Convey all the product features and benefits in an impactful way.

Incentive Reward Programs
Get people inspired about the rewards they could achieve! Use music to add ‘wow’ to your incentive program platform or digital content produced to promote the program.

Gala Award Evenings
Create a series of stings to give winners something to sing about as they receive their award.

An upbeat catchy song about your conference theme creates impressive walk in/out music for sessions or for speaker walk on/off music. Why not lay the track over your conference highlight video post event?

Employee Reward & Recognition Events
Creating events to celebrate achievements of your employees, why not have a song written about the goals achieved to add a bit of sizzle to celebratory events?


Taking Inspiration from indigenous cultures

Cultural experience programs

These programs are an experience designed for event planners seeking a touch of culture in an event program design. Suitable for team building programs within a conference or as an interactive entertainment experience for any type of evening event.


Warning: Singing may cause a feeling of freedom

Rock n’ Roll Karaoke

A super fun interactive entertainment experience where the band hands over the mic to make YOU the ‘rock star’!

Available for:
Christmas Parties | Cocktail Celebrations | Conference Dinners | Incentive Activities

Music is the universal language and a quality live band performance absolutely cannot be beaten.  Everyone has a favourite song and we’ve got hundreds in our kit to ensure even the most discerning music lover is satisfied.

Select your song, select your rock-star wardrobe then jump up on stage and feel the sense of freedom every lead singer experiences when they’re in front of a live band.


live performance

Remember your first live concert? Ask anyone and they’ll recall who the artist was, where it was and how old they were. Create a collective music experience with a live music performance with a quality artist, it simply cannot be beaten and we’ve got ‘quality’ and ‘artist’ oozing out of our veins.

From intimate acoustic sets to full band concerts, Rock and Roll Team Building have an impressive ‘little black book’ of artists available for corporate events. We can design a program of live music performance for a single event or across an entire program. Give us a brief on your event, the audience demographic, the atmosphere you are seeking to create and we’ll come back to you with recommendations to fit your brief and your budget. All of the Rock and Roll Team Building ‘rockstars’ are available for corporate gigs from solo to full band performance.

We would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend Ciaran and his band, they will definitely be on the list for future consideration at any of our events. The unique combination of having your own star studded band line-up, sprinkled with some “office party karaoke” should not be overlooked! -MAXIM'S TRAVEL // BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, FEBRUARY 2019